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Inspiration Board: Graffiti Love

29 Mar

So I was reading the blog Une Americaine a Montreal, written by a newcomer to our lovely city, Meghan Ruble. It’s nice to be able to see my hometown, which I often take for granted, through fresh eyes! Case in point, one of her latest posts was about the beautiful street art on display around the city… And she took a pic of one of my favorites of all time ! What a coincidence lol.

All this to say that I got the idea to create a wedding inspiration board based on what some might think would be one of the least romantic things around: Graffiti.

Here is the piece of art that inspired me:

via Maquis-art.com

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UrbanFlair : Color Block your wedding

30 Oct

via bohocircus

There’s a trend that’s been raging for quite some time now– one that’s bold, flirty, and ultra-modern.  I’m talking about Color Blocking, the maddeningly beautiful and kind of scary style that really just gives you permission to try anything. I find that using color blocking is a real opportunity for a bride to show her… well… true colors, lol. In part 1 of this blog post, I’ll be sharing images I found of accessories, including bouquets, that can help you achieve this look. Continue reading

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