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Love in the Savannah

27 Mar

via The Wedding Chicks

I must be in a particular frame of mind, because here I am posting so soon again about african inspirations for weddings 😉 The deal is actually that in looking for ideas for this kind of theme, it really surprised me how small the selection of images with african elements was! So it’s sort of become my obsession of the moment.

Luckily, my neurotic and intense googling led me to a post on the fabulous blog The Wedding Chicks, in which they covered a beautiful wedding shoot by Pasha Belman Photography.  Continue reading


Urban Shutterbug

9 Oct

I don’t know about you, but the very first thing I did when I started my wedding planning was to look for the perfect photographer. I knew that our day was going to go by in a flash so it was important to me that to find someone who would capture every moment in a dazzling way. Continue reading

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