What I gifted my bridal party

27 Mar

Photo courtesy of Beautifoto Photography

A lot of people ask me for suggestions for bridal party gifts so I figured a post on this subject might be useful for many brides-to-be out there. I think it’s really important to show your appreciation for the ladies in your bridal way in a special way. We are talking about good friends and family members who have invested money, time, and love to support you for months and to help make your wedding day as beautiful as possible.

In the future, I may post about cute gift ideas that I see that might work for your bridesmaids. Today though,  I’m gonna share the contents of my gift package to my bridemaids, who really are like my sisters (including my actual sister LOL).  We have a special friendship that is based on mutual interests, genuine and honest love and support.

After pampering them with hair, manicures, and pedicures so they were at their most beautiful on “our” wedding day, as they affectionately called it, I gifted them with the following:

La Senza/Victoria Secret body spray

via luuux.com

Just because—who doesn’t love smelling good!

A luxury compact mirror

via Amazon.ca

Because we all like to look our best at all times

A brown suede picture frame

via Lazy Susan USA

To store their favorite memory from the wedding

A movie

via Chick Flick Club

I gave each girl a different classic movie that we promised to watch only which each other over the next few years.

And of course a card in which I told them each exactly why they were I wanted them by side on my wedding day ! Yes— there were a few tears! Thankfully I gave these to them BEFORE having their make up done… that’s a good tip to remember lol.

Do you have any gift ideas you can share?


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