Not Your Ordinary Invites

22 Mar

via Luxe Paperie

If you’re like me, you really like to pay attention to every small detail in your wedding. And you want to be able to do things that are little original (or completely out there–whatever gets you going lol). This is why I want to share a new discovery I made today while browsing the net.

Luxe Paperie is a fully online stationary company. They don’t just do weddings, you can also order cute cards for just about any other occasion. They have something for all tastes, and you’ll most likely find a invite that suits your theme, if you have one. It’s worth taking a look. The bonus is that they aren’t really more expensive than what you’ll find locally, for the same quality. The great thing, though, is that you’ll probably be sending out something unlike anything any of your guests have ever seen !

Gorge on the eye candy below, and don’t forget to share your musings if  you have any!

via Luxe Paperie

via Luxe Paperie

via Luxe Paperie

via Luxe Paperie

via Luxe Paperie

Clearly, luxury can apply to every aspect of your day !


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