UrbanFlair : Color Block your wedding

30 Oct

via bohocircus

There’s a trend that’s been raging for quite some time now– one that’s bold, flirty, and ultra-modern.  I’m talking about Color Blocking, the maddeningly beautiful and kind of scary style that really just gives you permission to try anything. I find that using color blocking is a real opportunity for a bride to show her… well… true colors, lol. In part 1 of this blog post, I’ll be sharing images I found of accessories, including bouquets, that can help you achieve this look.

So obviously I adore everything wedding and event related, but I’m also quite the fashion fiend. I’m much gutsier in my imagination than in real life when it comes to fashion though. But I figure this blog is a great place for me to bring to life the trends that I love and translate them to decor and fashion that you can use for your special event. Look out for links to local shops where you can find the things you need to make this look happen for you!

via zafirenia on etsy

A bride with a carribean themed wedding could definitely pull this off!

via Phindy Studios

A refreshing look for bridesmaids

via In Seven Colors

Pair bright shoes with contrasting earrings or maybe a sash…

via zafirenia on etsy

Just gorgeous!

via Katelyn James Photography

This is a bride who really isn’t afraid to POP

via zafirenia on etsy

Simply fabulous

Some of the jewelry you can get on Etsy. Even though this shop is located in Israel, you can get your pieces shipped to your front door. If you’d like to find something more locally, I suggest you check out the following home-grown designers for some great pieces:

via Chris & Alix

via Chris & Alix

 The above two pieces are available at the shop Chris & Alix, where you can get customized jewelry made too!

4398 blvd St. Laurent #308


via smilesophie on etsy

via smilesophie on etsy

These bright pieces are available on Etsy at SmileSophie‘s shop. Click on the link to see more of her work 🙂

Happy shopping!


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