Say Yes to More Sweets !

14 Oct

I first met Patricia at a bridal show a few years ago. My fiancé and I had just waded through a fuzzy sea of patissiers and confectioners when we noticed a woman laughing merrily with her client, surrounded by beautifully decorated cakes. She came across as so genuine and down to earth that we knew we had found the right person to make our wedding cake. Patricia is the kind of person that you meet and you can’t help but immediately like because of her easy smile and warm attitude. Patricia is the owner of Dolci Piu, a small bakery with locations in Ville St-Laurent and Lachine, and she’s been delighting the taste buds of Montrealers for many years already.

If you’re looking for a cake that looks gorgeous and tastes–well— yummy, you really need to find your way to one of Dolci Piu’s shops located in Ville Saint-Laurent and Lachine. Patricia and her husband offer amazing varieties like rich chocolate and raspberry, light vanilla and fresh berries, luscious lemon, Grand Marnier, and the list goes on.

They don’t just stop at cakes though– you can also put together an amazing midnight buffet by choosing from the extensive options of hot & cold, sweet and salty foods offered by Dolci Piu. A quick look at their fully customizable menu and your mouth will instantly start watering at the sight of savoury dishes like profiteroles filled with camembert and walnuts, stuffed dates with creamy blue cheese, and leek and prosciutto quiches. It’s enough to want to skip the main course and go straight for the post-meal treats !

You can take my word for it, my dear muses, but I think you should drop into one of her locations and let your taste buds decide for themselves. Then you can let me know how so very right I was !


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