Add some spirit to your day!

10 Oct

It’s that time of year again! Halloween is just around the corner, and while some people are busy planning their new costumes, some adventurous brides are trying to plan a wedding that reflects their love of this fun celebration.

The problem is though, that while we loved idea of ghosts and ghouls when we were kids, there’s a lot of tacky, creepy and inappropriate props out there that may not suit our more… sensible adult tastes. 

I’ve browsed through countless images to put together two inspiration boards that really represent how I would put together a classy, grown-up take on Halloween.

The first is the more obvious theme, in the sense that it really uses the well-known Halloween color palette: orange, white and black. But take a look, and you’ll see it’s a new twist on an old idea:


Second, I was inspired by one of the most popular cultural trends of the past few years: vampires. Creme, black, red and silver come together to create a goth look that’s more sexy and glamorous than dark and gloomy:



What do you think of these concepts? Do you see yourself planning a wedding that had either of these themes? Leave your musings below 🙂





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