Welcome to UrbanMuse!! Montreal’s newest source for all things wedding and events.. and then some!

9 Oct

Welcome to my new blog, dear Muses! My name is Christine, or as my friends like to call me—X. By day, I work for a federal department that shall remain nameless, but by night I like to indulge in my passion: everything and anything wedding and event related. Basically I will be using this forum to share information about venues, vendors and any fun shopping you can do right here in our beautiful city of Montreal. I’ll also keep you up to speed with the current trends in fashion, make-up, schemes and special touches to help you make your event as unique as possible.

I’m also a wedding and event planner and so I’ll be sharing with you any events that I’ve worked on, as well as my tips on etiquette, planning, and common questions people tend to have when planning an event.

Oh! And a lot of my friends have asked why I chose the name UrbanMuse for my company and blog. Well here’s why: I am an urban girl through and through—I find beauty and inspiration from the concrete and glass around me the way others do when they are in nature. And when organizing weddings and events, I’m very inspired by my city and its people. And of course, whenever I work with clients, I don’t just see them as clients, but as my muses, because their stories are what help me plan the perfect event for them! I hope you get as much from my blog as I get from posting to it! Please leave me your feedback in the comments section or by emailing me at info@urbanmuse.ca !


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