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UrbanFlair : Color Block your wedding

30 Oct

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There’s a trend that’s been raging for quite some time now– one that’s bold, flirty, and ultra-modern.  I’m talking about Color Blocking, the maddeningly beautiful and kind of scary style that really just gives you permission to try anything. I find that using color blocking is a real opportunity for a bride to show her… well… true colors, lol. In part 1 of this blog post, I’ll be sharing images I found of accessories, including bouquets, that can help you achieve this look. Continue reading


Say Yes to More Sweets !

14 Oct

I first met Patricia at a bridal show a few years ago. My fiancé and I had just waded through a fuzzy sea of patissiers and confectioners when we noticed a woman laughing merrily with her client, surrounded by beautifully decorated cakes. She came across as so genuine and down to earth that we knew we had found the right person to make our wedding cake. Patricia is the kind of person that you meet and you can’t help but immediately like because of her easy smile and warm attitude. Patricia is the owner of Dolci Piu, a small bakery with locations in Ville St-Laurent and Lachine, and she’s been delighting the taste buds of Montrealers for many years already.

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Kim’s Fairytale Wedding

12 Oct

Source: US Magazine

So how many of you tuned in to watch the nuptials of the one and only Kim Kardashian?? As over the top as it was, there were plenty of elements that I’m sure made thousands of brides-to-be say “I want THAT!” Well those brides will be very pleased with this post, at least when it comes to what Kim was wearing on her big day… because I’ll show you how you can recreate some of her looks by shopping right here in Montreal ! Continue reading

Add some spirit to your day!

10 Oct

It’s that time of year again! Halloween is just around the corner, and while some people are busy planning their new costumes, some adventurous brides are trying to plan a wedding that reflects their love of this fun celebration.

The problem is though, that while we loved idea of ghosts and ghouls when we were kids, there’s a lot of tacky, creepy and inappropriate props out there that may not suit our more… sensible adult tastes.  Continue reading

Urban Shutterbug

9 Oct

I don’t know about you, but the very first thing I did when I started my wedding planning was to look for the perfect photographer. I knew that our day was going to go by in a flash so it was important to me that to find someone who would capture every moment in a dazzling way. Continue reading

Be you. Be loved. BHLDN.

9 Oct

Muses… my heart goes pitter patter for the gowns over at BHDLN!

I don’t know about you, but I always love to see a bride do something different. It could be as simple as a crazy pair of shoes, earrings with some extra shine to ’em, or a gown that’s bold and really speaks to the unique personality of the bride.

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Welcome to UrbanMuse!! Montreal’s newest source for all things wedding and events.. and then some!

9 Oct

Welcome to my new blog, dear Muses! My name is Christine, or as my friends like to call me—X. By day, I work for a federal department that shall remain nameless, but by night I like to indulge in my passion: everything and anything wedding and event related. Basically I will be using this forum to share information about venues, vendors and any fun shopping you can do right here in our beautiful city of Montreal. I’ll also keep you up to speed with the current trends in fashion, make-up, schemes and special touches to help you make your event as unique as possible.

I’m also a wedding and event planner and so I’ll be sharing with you any events that I’ve worked on, as well as my tips on etiquette, planning, and common questions people tend to have when planning an event.

Oh! And a lot of my friends have asked why I chose the name UrbanMuse for my company and blog. Well here’s why: I am an urban girl through and through—I find beauty and inspiration from the concrete and glass around me the way others do when they are in nature. And when organizing weddings and events, I’m very inspired by my city and its people. And of course, whenever I work with clients, I don’t just see them as clients, but as my muses, because their stories are what help me plan the perfect event for them! I hope you get as much from my blog as I get from posting to it! Please leave me your feedback in the comments section or by emailing me at !

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